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Cloth BAMBOO 1 pc

The ECO NATURAL by YORK BAMBUS cloth is a simple and effective way to keep your kitchen clean. Durable and extremely soft cloth perfectly cleans various types of dirt, including grease. Bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties. It is therefore an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

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The BAMBOO cloth is a product that allows you to effectively get rid of any dirt and at the same time take care of the surface being cleaned. Bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties, which means that no harmful viruses multiply on the surface of the cloth. It is irreplaceable in the kitchen and bathroom. It perfectly collects impurities, perfectly absorbs liquids and is easy to rinse out. It is a reusable product, which cleans effectively even without detergents. The other products of the ECO NATURAL by York line will be a great complement to the cloth.


  • the BAMBOO cloth is used to clean all surfaces with bamboo, natural fibers with proven effect
  • bacteria do not grow on the antibacterial surface of bamboo fibers, so it is always hygienically clean and free from microorganisms or unpleasant odors
  • perfect, among others, in kitchens and bathrooms, where dirt is usually the most persistent
  • the cloth material effectively cleans all surfaces, and also perfectly absorbs water and other liquids
  • also cleans sticky and greasy soils, e.g. from oil or butter
  • it can also be used to clean or dry dishes
  • the BAMBOO cloth will be perfect for the kitchen where eco-friendly and efficient solutions are at the same time.

Product parameters

EAN code of the product
Product weight with individual packaging
0,054 kg
Product size with individual packaging
250 x 50 x 18 mm
Product size without unit package
250 x 250 mm

Collective packaging

Quantity in a collective packaging
48 pcs.
Gross weight of the collective packaging
2,6 kg
Net weight of the collective packaging
1,824 kg
Dimensions of the collective carton
360 x 200 x 270 mm
The volume of the collective carton
0,019 m3