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Clothes line 10 m AZUR

Classic, durable rope for hanging laundry. Useful at home, in the garden, on the plot and while traveling.

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Classic, durable clothesline allows the clothes and underwear to be hung in any chosen place. It is extremely durable and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, which allows it to be used both at home and in the garden. It is worth adding that thanks to the high-quality material, the rope does not color the clothes hung on it.


  • 10 meters long line, which allows for proper arrangement of all washed clothes
  • extremely durable and weather-resistant
  • material from which the rope is made allows even white laundry to be hung on it, without fear of the line dyeing the clothes
  • wide range of colors certainly facilitates the choice according to personal preferences.

Parametry produktu

Kod EAN produktu
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
0,034 kg
Rozmiar produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
220 x 30 x 40 mm
Rozmiar produktu bez opakowania jednostkowego
10000 mm

Opakowanie zbiorcze

Ilość w opakowaniu zbiorczym
120 pcs.
Waga opakowania zbiorczego brutto
4,08 kg
Waga opakowania zbiorczego netto
3,96 kg
Wymiary kartonu zbiorczego
390 x 235 x 155 mm
Objętość kartonu zbiorczego
0,014 m3