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Cosmetic pumice

Cosmetic pumice stone, perfect for the daily care routine. It cleanses the skin and effectively removes callous epidermis.

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Cosmetic pumice stone, an essential element of every bathroom equipment. Indispensable during foot and hand care treatments. Thanks to its strong exfoliating properties, it is suitable for cleansing the skin, as well as for removing callus epidermis. Leaves the skin clean and delicate.


  • pumice is especially useful during the daily care routine, perfectly cleansing the skin and removing callus epidermis
  • pleasantly massages the skin, leaving it smooth and well-groomed
  • helps to remove imperfections and defects, such as corns or calluses
  • effective in the care of cracked heels
  • ergonomic shape and appropriate size, will improve the comfort of use and prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

Product parameters

EAN code of the product
Product weight with individual packaging
0,01 kg
Product size with individual packaging
90 x 60 x 30 mm
Product size without unit package
80 x 50 x 24 mm

Collective packaging

Quantity in a collective packaging
288 pcs.
Gross weight of the collective packaging
2,9 kg
Net weight of the collective packaging
2,304 kg
Dimensions of the collective carton
500 x 320 x 210 mm
The volume of the collective carton
0,034 m3