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Floor cloth grey large 1 pc. AZUR

Traditional floor cloth in an enlarged size, thoroughly removes dirt from the floor. Works well as an absorbent underlay for shoes.

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Large size AZUR floor cloth, designed for the most difficult dirt. It deals with dried dirt without leaving excess water on the cleaned surface. Thanks to the special perforation of the fabric, the cleaning cloth is perfect for use in bathrooms or kitchens, for wiping off spilled liquids and cleaning floors. It is worth adding, however, that it can also be used to clean terraces, garages or workshops. Its universal application goes hand in hand with excellent quality and affordable price.


  • reliable floor cloth useful during everyday household cleaning
  • large size allows for faster and more thorough cleaning of dirty surfaces at home and outside
  • removes dried dirt, leaving shiny and clean surfaces
  • perfectly absorbs water left on the floor, as well as any spilled liquids.

Parametry produktu

Kod EAN produktu
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
0,111 kg
Rozmiar produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
600 x 700 mm
Rozmiar produktu bez opakowania jednostkowego
60 x 70 c mmm

Opakowanie zbiorcze

Ilość w opakowaniu zbiorczym
30 pcs.
Waga opakowania zbiorczego brutto
3,33 kg
Waga opakowania zbiorczego netto
3,3 kg
Wymiary kartonu zbiorczego
350 x 305 x 215 mm
Objętość kartonu zbiorczego
0,023 m3