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Loofah bath back belt

Two-layer massage belt, perfect for washing, body scrubbing treatments and for intensive massage of the whole body. The belt has two comfortable handles for easy use.

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Double-layer belt for body washing and massaging. Made of natural loofah and enriched with an additional layer of soft microfiber. Perfect for body scrubbing treatments and intensive massages. The belt has two comfortable handles for back washing. Acts as a natural body scrubber – it exfoliates dead skin cells and its regular use facilitates the absorption of moisturizing cosmetics.


  • equipped with a layer of natural loofah and soft microfiber
  • thoroughly cleanses the skin
  • perfect for everyday bathing and beauty treatments
  • suitable for intensive body massages and body scrubbing
  • massages with a loofah belt stimulate blood microcirculation, soothe the skin and improve its elasticity and color
  • effective in the prevention of cellulite, stretch marks and scars
  • hypoallergenic, does not contain artificial dyes.

Product parameters

EAN code of the product
Product weight with individual packaging
0,104 kg
Product size with individual packaging
150 x 400 x 40 mm
Product size without unit package
800 x 80 x 5 mm

Collective packaging

Quantity in a collective packaging
24 pcs.
Gross weight of the collective packaging
2,496 kg
Net weight of the collective packaging
2,112 kg
Dimensions of the collective carton
360 x 335 x 255 mm
The volume of the collective carton
0,031 m3