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Material basket


Universal fabric basket. Useful for storing underwear, sorting small items or children’s toys.

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Universal fabric basket with a circular cross-section for storing linen. Perfect as a basket for toys or various kinds of items that need to be gathered in one place and stored. Indispensable, especially in a children’s room, where there is often a need to organize toys. Also useful for storing clothes. Available in 3 different, attractive designs.


  • 54 cm high and 45 cm in diameter
  • model based on a metal, flexible structure that can be folded flat, which further facilitates the storage of the basket when not in use
  • zippered flap effectively masks the contents of the basket and makes it look neat
  • solid and durable material resistant to tearing.

Product parameters

EAN code of the product
Product weight with individual packaging
0,541 kg
Product size with individual packaging
490 x 40 x 490 mm
Product size without unit package
540 x 450 mm

Collective packaging

Quantity in a collective packaging
30 pcs.
Gross weight of the collective packaging
16,23 kg
Net weight of the collective packaging
15,03 kg
Dimensions of the collective carton
520 x 515 x 270 mm
The volume of the collective carton
0,072 m3