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Scouring sponge for delicate surfaces BACTERIA STOP


Scouring sponge coated with silver microparticles, which prevents the multiplication of microorganisms and their transfer between surfaces.

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Safety-certified scouring sponge equipped with a coating based on silver microparticles. This coating prevents the multiplication of microorganisms, as well as their transfer between surfaces. This guarantees hygienic and safe washing of the dishes. The scouring sponge is made of durable and solid high-quality materials. They do not absorb moisture and odors, so you do not have to replace the scourer as often as the traditional one. Compact size, perfectly in the hand, guarantees comfortable use. The scouring sponge for delicate surfaces removes even very heavy dirt, while not scratching or damaging pans, pots or tableware. It even works well for cleaning Teflon-coated surfaces. Improved detergents, thus reducing their consumption when washing dishes.


    • metallized yarn with silver ions prevents the multiplication of bacteria on its surface
    • ideal for Teflon, ceramics, glass, enamel, stainless steel and even wood
    • does not scratch or rub the Teflon layer
    • removes heavy dirt from delicate surfaces


Parametry produktu

Kod EAN produktu
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
0,031 kg
Rozmiar produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
75 x 115 x 60 mm
Rozmiar produktu bez opakowania jednostkowego
75 x 115 x 30 mm

Opakowanie zbiorcze

Ilość w opakowaniu zbiorczym
36 pcs.
Waga opakowania zbiorczego brutto
1,116 kg
Waga opakowania zbiorczego netto
0,864 kg
Wymiary kartonu zbiorczego
390 x 235 x 255 mm
Objętość kartonu zbiorczego
0,023 m3