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Cleaning accessories effective in the fight against bacteria

The YORK BACTERIA STOP brand is a full range of products that not only helps to keep the house clean, but also protects the user from what is invisible – bacteria.

YORK BACTERIA STOP is quality and effectiveness confirmed by research and tests performed by accredited research units.

Simple and functional products from the YORK BACTERIA STOP series have been enriched with silver or zinc microparticles. The accessories are resistant to harmful microorganisms and block the migration of bacteria between the surface of the product and the hands of the cleaner.


York Bacteria Stop products contain zinc microparticles. Thanks to this, they are hygienic, and bacteria do not multiply on their surface, guaranteeing the safety of use.


A range of professional accessories with antibacterial coatings for your home

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Laboratory-confirmed effectiveness

The antibacterial properties of York Bacteria Stop products have been confirmed by reputable institutions in Poland and around the world.

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York Bacteria Stop products ensure order and protection against microbes


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