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Pumice classic

Classic pumice stone, useful during beauty treatments. It helps to remove callous epidermis from the feet and hands, and makes the skin soft and supple.

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Classic pumice stone, indispensable in every home – perfect for cleaning callous epidermis. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfortable use and prevents it from slipping out of hand. Drawstring handle makes it easy to store and ensures that it is always at hand. Pumice stone leaves the skin delicate and clean.


  • timeless and efficient classic pumice stone, perfectly for dealing with hard skin
  • thoroughly cleans the skin of the feet and hands, makes the skin soft and elastic
  • pumice stone is effective in reducing foot defects such as corns and calluses
  • ergonomic shape and appropriate size have a positive effect on the comfort of use
  • equipped with a handle for easy drying and storage of the pumice stone.

Parametry produktu

Kod EAN produktu
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
0,032 kg
Rozmiar produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
50 x 100 x 20 mm
Rozmiar produktu bez opakowania jednostkowego
18 x 90 x 45 mm

Opakowanie zbiorcze

Ilość w opakowaniu zbiorczym
144 pcs.
Waga opakowania zbiorczego brutto
4,608 kg
Waga opakowania zbiorczego netto
4,32 kg
Wymiary kartonu zbiorczego
295 x 250 x 215 mm
Objętość kartonu zbiorczego
0,016 m3