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Steel wool with soap 6 pcs..

Kitchen scourers soaked in soap for heavily soiled surfaces. They do not require the use of additional detergents for cleaning.

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Set of kitchen scourers soaked in soap, perfect for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces without the use of additional detergents. Reliable during cleaning in every kitchen, as well as during trips, e.g. at the campsite or the garden plot. The scourers do not scratch the surface, so they are suitable for cleaning burnt pans, pots or scrubbing dry dirt.


  • kitchen scourers soaked in soap
  • do not require the use of additional detergents during cleaning
  • for heavily soiled surfaces and dried or burnt dirt
  • leave no scratches
  • 6 scourers included in the set.
Steel wool with soap 6 pcs..

Product parameters

EAN code of the product
Product weight with individual packaging
0,067 kg
Product size with individual packaging
70 x 130 x 70 mm
Product size without unit package
65 x 60 x 90 mm

Collective packaging

Quantity in a collective packaging
144 pcs.
Gross weight of the collective packaging
9,648 kg
Net weight of the collective packaging
9,216 kg
Dimensions of the collective carton
410 x 385 x 385 mm
The volume of the collective carton
0,061 m3