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We suspend all deliveries to Russia

02 March 2022

We want to express a definite NO to the Russian aggression against the free and sovereign Ukraine and emphasize that we fully support the Ukrainian people.

Since February 24, 2022, we have been witnessing tragic events taking place across our eastern border.

We have been observing the tragedy of people we know personally – our business partners, colleagues, friends from Ukraine. Our thoughts remain with them.

On behalf of the Owner and the Management Board of YORK PL, we would like to inform you that in the face of this unprecedented situation, we feel committed to take actions that will limit our business in the East. We have decided to suspend all deliveries to Russia, including to our Russian company. This decision shall be effective immediately.

It has consequences for our entire organization – we are cutting off the source of revenue for the parent company in Poland and the supply of products necessary to maintain the continuity of operations of the daughter company in Russia. Taking this decision, we bear in mind that our Russian company is made up of people – colleagues and the providers of several dozen families, who have no influence on the actions undertaken by the authorities of the Russian Federation. These are ordinary people who are not responsible for the aggression against Ukraine and are already experiencing the effects of the sanctions imposed by the Western world, and additionally the burden of our decision. However, we know that this is the only right attitude in the current situation.

Fully aware of the consequences, we are taking the moral responsibility for suspending deliveries to Russia, because partnership and business ethics are the most important.

We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian Nation and the entire international community, expressing strong opposition to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

We want to actively participate in the struggle for a free Ukraine and a free Europe.

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