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Massage sponge FOR HER

Bath and body massage sponge. Ergonomic, oval shape ensures comfortable use.

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Ergonomic massage sponge allows for thorough washing of the whole body and performing massages with a slightly rough surface. Massages with a sponge improve circulation and relax senses, ensuring well-being. The sponge has a classic, oval shape, thanks to which it fits well in the hand, which makes it much easier to scrub the whole body. The sponge is perfect for both using with water only and with the use of a bath lotion or shower gel.


  • classic oval-shaped sponge
  • perfect for full body massages
  • perfect for washing the body using only water or with a bath gel
  • ergonomic dimensions make it fit well in the hand, ensuring the comfort of washing the whole body.

Parametry produktu

Kod EAN produktu
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
0,017 kg
Rozmiar produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym
140 x 240 x 60 mm
Rozmiar produktu bez opakowania jednostkowego
145 x 95 x 50 mm

Opakowanie zbiorcze

Ilość w opakowaniu zbiorczym
60 pcs.
Waga opakowania zbiorczego brutto
1,02 kg
Waga opakowania zbiorczego netto
0,96 kg
Wymiary kartonu zbiorczego
800 x 620 x 100 mm
Objętość kartonu zbiorczego
0,05 m3